The Blue Belt Curriculum
The Complete White To Blue Belt Guide
What is a Blue Belt?
A blue belt is a significant milestone. It means you are a base level Jiu-Jitsu player. To me, this means you are competent in all basic situations and can apply your skills on the feet, on the ground and on the street. 

Becoming a blue belt is no easy feat, not only because of the effort, focus and hard work required but because there are very few good roadmaps for getting there. 

As a student coming up in Jiu-Jitsu, particularly given my unstructured BJJ upbringing, I always craved a complete, structured guide from white to black belt - and all the steps along the way. 

To try to find something like it, I sought out and studied the curricula of every highly regarded black belt I could get my hands on to try to see what they considered fundamental - and what basics I was missing. 

With every curriculum I studied, I'd pick up a new detail, variation or wholly different way of doing things, but no one had everything. Most Blue Belt curricula, if they exist at all, contain 50-120 techniques. 

Can you be a blue belt only knowing 50-120 techniques?
You would roughly be ok in most basic situations - you could escape side control and mount, and hold your own from the guard and back. But would you know what to do in side control when the person turns their hips? 

Would you have the right answer for what to do to recover when you start losing back control? Would you know how to escape all basic headlock situations?

Instead of thinking about numbers of techniques, let's think about someone who knew all the blue belt techniques

Some techniques you probably shouldn't learn until you're a blue or purple belt because they require a foundation on which to build. But there are probably some situations that you don't have to be a purple belt in order to learn. 

Blue Belt techniques would describe techniques that deal with (White To) Blue Belt situations. What are those situations?
We Outline 4 Basic Positions:





They should be as ready for both self-defence and competitive rolling and they should be able to take people down and stop takedowns. 
BJJ Black Belt World Champion and multiple time UFC champion BJ Penn once described meeting legendary BJJ pioneer Rigan Machado in this way - "there are black belts and then there are black belts." Comparing himself, "You can be a "blue belt black belt" or a "black belt black belt” - a new black belt like himself compared with a legend of the art."
If there can be a "Blue Belt Black Belt", 
can there be a
"Black Belt Blue Belt"...?
The Black Belt Blue Belt
Most blue belts do have the majority of the above skills - in some places. They may know how to posture in someone's closed guard, but keep leaving space for underhooks underneath mount. They may be able to escape side control, but not the back. They may feel they can sweep, pass the guard and control everywhere on top - except the mount.

They are incomplete. They are a blue or purple belt blue belt. They know many blue belt techniques and they can roll like a blue belt - but there are lots of areas where they are still white belts. 

A black belt blue belt is someone who may not be super advanced yet, but is complete. They know what to do - and can execute the right technique for every blue belt situation. 
To cover all that material, someone would need to not know just 120 techniques, but closer to 420!  How do you possibly teach 400-500 techniques in the typical 3 techniques per class format? As a student, how do you learn and retain that much?
Enter: Sequence-Based Learning
Problem solved. Chunking information makes it easier to retain. If I teach you a takedown, I've taught you one thing and you've learned one technique. But if I teach you a takedown into a guard pass into a submission, I've taught you one thing - the story of the takedown, guard pass and submission - but you learned three techniques. 

Sequences or gameplans allow us to learn faster. 

High quality blue belt basics - something all belts should have - is not rocket science, though it is a lot of work and a lot of information. 

The BJJ101 White-Blue Belt curriculum is a real revolution in Jiu-Jitsu education and offers a complete, fun, powerful and easy to follow world class curriculum to take you from an absolute beginner to a blue belt of very high standard.

And if you're already a blue or purple (or even brown or black) belt and you feel like your basics could improve or get smoothed out, the curriculum is designed to plug your fundamentals holes.   

Self Defense

Take Downs







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