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The BJJ Primer

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An introductory course for those absolutely new to BJJ covering the theory behind Jiu-Jitsu.  Positioning, what to do if you get in a fight, the hierarchy of positions, the difference between self-defence and sport,  the keys to surviving with experienced partners and more.

The BJJ Blue Belt Curriculum

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A revolutionary, easy-to-follow white-blue belt curriculum course unlike any before it. Using a sequence-based learning format, The BJJ Blue Belt Curriculum teaches hundreds of techniques covering self-defence, posture, escapes, passes, sweeps, attacks, takedowns and submissions. There has never been a blue belt curriculum like this.

The BJJ101 Membership

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An ongoing monthly membership including instant access to courses, an invitation to join our private Facebook group where you’ll get regular exclusive updates, connect with a community of others passionate about learning Jiu-Jitsu and the chance to ask me questions and get video answers in a monthly video Q & A.
Meet Your Professor
Hi, I’m Elliott Bayev, 2nd degree BJJ black belt under Shawn Williams, himself a black belt under the legendary Renzo Gracie. I've been training Jiu-Jitsu for 23 years and when I started, you would be lucky to find a blue belt in the country, let alone a black belt in the city. 

For the first ten or so years of my training, I had a few great senior belts who mentored and coached me, but most of my early learning came through studying VHS [video] tapes. I studied many of the greats and was one of the top competitors in Canada at the time, but not having had a structured introduction, I never knew what I did know and what I didn’t. 

With my unguided upbringing in Jiu-Jitsu, I felt lost, confused and frustrated by a seemingly endless flood of techniques. I always wished I had been given a start-finish, step-by-step, "A, B, C's of Jiu-Jitsu". 

For years and years, I've been working on building a system for getting new people from day one (and even before), all the way up to blue belt and beyond. I’ve created what I wish I had. 

After testing it in my school and others, I'm finally ready to share. You're going to like it all - it will help accelerate your game

Whether by email, through a course or through a membership so we can keep in touch on a regular basis, I look forward to helping you simplify and get the most out of your Jiu-Jitsu Journey!


Caution: Without the safety tips, techniques and concepts in The BJJ Primer, beginners may be at risk of feeling lost, getting frustrated and even getting injured. 
The BJJ Primer
Starting BJJ can be confusing!
In most schools they simply throw you into a class where you learn 3-5 techniques, then spar without ever sitting you down and explaining how Jiu-Jitsu works, the most important strategies to start with or give you an understanding of the big picture. We tend to learn the underlying patterns and strategies through osmosis over months and years. 
There’s a better way. 
The BJJ Primer is a comprehensive beginners' introduction to the basic theory behind Jiu-Jitsu, the key strategies for keeping safe and accelerating progress. You’ll learn:
  • The Fundamental Movements - Moves are made of movements - you’ll have the most important movements to get started
  • THE Core Strategy Behind BJJ - All of Jiu-Jitsu is based on this one strategy for overcoming a bigger, faster, stronger person. It instantly makes you ten times tougher because it gives you a plan.
  • How To Easily Escape From A TERRIBLE Position - All of the core strategy is about getting to one position that feels claustrophobic and kinda like drowning. You won’t believe how easy the escape feels. 
  • The Positional Hierarchy - A literal map of positions to help you always know where you’re trying to go.
  • Submissions 101 - What are submissions and what do you need to get them?
  • Posture 101 - Maybe THE MOST IMPORTANT SECTION of The Primer. Posture is the secret to surviving and escaping against more advanced people. We go over invulnerable postures from all (8) basic positions. 
  • Beginner Gameplans - The biggest complaint of most new BJJ students is not being sure what they’re supposed to be doing in each position. This section helps you understand exactly what to do everywhere - offensively and defensively. .
  • And more...
These are the concepts that no one teaches, you're just expected top pick up over time.
Really, I created the program I wish I had - for myself as much as for my students.

Even if you’re experienced, I think you’ll get somethings of value here. I’ve had black belts blown away by many of the details here. 

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The Blue Belt Curriculum
Jiu-Jitsu is not about belts, but at the same time, it is divided into levels of competency, recognized by a coloured belt - White, Blue, Purple, Brown, Black

So for new students, a worthy thing to think about is what it would take to get to blue belt. 
What Is A Blue Belt?
Blue belt is a significant milestone. It means you are a base level Jiu-Jitsu player. To me, this means you are competent in all basic situations and can apply your skills on the feet, on the ground and on the street

Becoming a blue belt is no easy feat, not only because of the effort, focus and hard work required but because there are very few good roadmaps for getting there. 

As a student coming up in Jiu-Jitsu, particularly given my unstructured BJJ upbringing, I  always craved a complete, structured guide from white to black belt - and all the steps along the way. 

To try to find something like it, I sought out and studied the curricula of every highly regarded black belt I could get my hands on to try to see what they considered fundamental - and what basics I was missing. 

With every curriculum I studied, I'd pick up a new detail, variation or wholly different way of doing things, but no one had everything.  Most Blue Belt curricula, if they exist at all, contain 50-120 techniques. 
Can you be a blue belt only knowing 50-120 techniques?
Absolutely. But you would be missing a lot. A lot of basics. 

You would roughly be ok in most basic situations - you could escape side control and mount, and hold your own from the guard and back. But would you know what to do in side control when the person turns their hips? Would you have the right answer for what to do to recover when you start losing back control? Would you know how to escape all basic headlock situations?

Instead of thinking about numbers of techniques, let's think about someone who knew all the blue belt techniques.
What Are "Blue Belt Techniques"?
Some techniques you probably shouldn't learn until you're a blue or purple belt because they require a foundation on which to build. But there are probably some situations that you don't have to be a purple belt in order to learn. 

Blue Belt techniques would describe techniques that deal with (White To)Blue Belt situations. 

What are those situations?

Well, the BJJ Primer outlines 4 basic positions:

Side Control
The Back
A Complete Blue Belt Curriculum
Theoretically, a quality blue belt would know how to handle all basic situations in each of those positions. Rather than numbers of techniques, we want to have skills. We want to be able to escape, not just know an escape. 

But not just escape. There are 5 skills they should have from each of those positions:


They should be as ready for both self-defence and competitive rolling and they should be able to take people down and stop takedowns, themselves. 

BJJ Black Belt World Champion and multiple time UFC champion BJ Penn once described meeting legendary BJJ pioneer Rigan Machado in this way - "there are black belts and then there are black belts." Comparing himself, "You can be a "blue belt black belt" or a "black belt black belt” - a new black belt like himself compared with a legend of the art."

If there can be a blue belt black belt, can there be a black belt blue belt?
The Black Belt Blue Belt
Most blue belts do have the majority of the above skills - in some places. They may know how to posture in someone's closed guard, but keep leaving space for underhooks underneath mount. They may be able to escape side control, but not the back. They may feel they can sweep, pass the guard and control everywhere on top - except the mount. 

They are incomplete. They are a blue or purple belt blue belt. They know many blue belt techniques and they can roll like a blue belt - but there are lots of areas where they are still white belts. 

A black belt blue belt is someone who may not be super advanced yet, but is complete. They know what to do - and can execute the right technique for every blue belt situation. 

Information Overload!

To cover all that material, someone would need to not know just 120 techniques, but closer to 420! How do you possibly teach 400-500 techniques in the typical 3 techniques per class format? As a student, how do you learn and retain that much?

Enter: Sequence-Based Learning

Problem solved. Chunking information makes it easier to retain. If I teach you a takedown, I've taught you one thing and you've learned one technique. But if I teach you a takedown into a guard pass into a submission, I've taught you one thing - the story of the takedown, guard pass and submission - but you learned three techniques. 

Sequences or gameplans allow us to learn faster. 

High quality blue belt basics - something all belts should have - is not rocket science, though it is a lot of work and a lot of information. 

The BJJ101 White-Blue Belt curriculum is a real revolution in Jiu-Jitsu education and offers a complete, fun, powerful and easy to follow world class curriculum to take you from an absolute beginner to a blue belt of very high standard. 

And if you're already a blue or purple (or even brown or black) belt and you feel like your basics could improve or get smoothed out, The Curriculum is designed to plug your fundamental holes. 

Learn high-quality Jiu-Jitsu that includes 
  • Self Defence (Extensively)
  • Takedowns
  • ​Throws
  • ​Posture
  • ​Escapes
  • ​Controls
  • ​Attacks and
  • ​Submissions
  • From every position​, taught in an innovative new easy to remember format
What Does It Cover?
To make learning and remembering easy, the BJJ101 Blue Belt Curriculum teaches sets of skills through 16 different lessons, each focused on a few sets of skills. 

By chunking techniques into sequences and sets of sequences into lessons, the BJJ101 Blue Belt Curriculum doesn't just teach techniques, it builds skillsets

The 16 skillsets are:
  • 1. Preventing Anyone From Holding You Down On The Ground
  • 2. Preventing Punches From The Bottom
  • 3. Escaping Mount 101, Passing Closed Guard, Mounting from Side and Finishing From Mount
  • 4. Escaping Mount 102 and Triangling and Omo Plata-ing From The Overhook From
  • 5. Escaping Side Control, Attacking From Closed Guard and The Back
  • 6. Defending From Our Back Against A Standing Opponent 
  • 7. Pulling Guard To Crab Grab, Sweeping, Passing and Attacking From Side & Back
  • 8. Escaping The Back, Preventing The Mount and Attacking With The Lat Grip
  • 9. Sweeping and Submitting From The Closed Guard
  • 10. How To Defeat A Bigger, Faster, Stronger Opponent - The Core Strategy of Jiu-Jitsu
  • 11. Taking, Keeping And Finishing From The Back  
  • 12. Escaping Headlocks
  • 13. Becoming Ungrabbable
  • 14. Taking People Down, Bypassing Their Guards, Controlling and Submitting Them
  • 15. Breaking Grips, Taking People Down With The Gi and Finishing With The Gi From The Mount
  • 16. Pulling Guard, Finishing While Pulling and Finishing From The Bottom Using The Gi
There is an incredible amount of information here.
Together, they paint a complete picture of the four basic ground positions covered in the BJJ Primer: 

The Back
The Mount
Side Control and
The Guard

It will give you competence in takedowns - gi and no gi - and  develop sport-ready offence without compromising a foundation of high-quality self-defence

How Does It Work?
The 16 skillsets are taught over 8 weeks, two lessons per week. Each skillset contains 6 sequences (for a total of 96 numbered sequences), each containing multiple techniques. 

This allows us to learn all of the basic variations of a technique, ensuring we have that complete understanding and ability to apply. 

Twice per week, you unlock a new skillset, receive an email explaining it including a checklist outlining the techniques in each sequence, video tutorial and mindmaps to help you better understand, remember and develop competence. 

Each sequence covers 3-6 techniques. This format allows us to cover a massive amount of material while remaining easy to remember

Most blue belt curricula include 50-120 techniques. The BJJ101 White-Blue Belt Curriculum contains more than 300 techniques taught over 96 sequences - and is easy and fun to learn. 

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The BJJ101 Members Community
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The membership gives you access to exclusive technique videos, a private facebook group where you can ask questions from white belt-level to black, have me answer personally in a monthly video Q&A, connect with a community of others early (and not) in their BJJ journey, as well as getting sneak peaks at BJJ201 - the blue-purple belt curriculum and other courses - Wrestling for BJJ, Judo for BJJ, etc. Every month, you get:
  • Access to The BJJ Primer - Discover or cement the fundamental theories and defensive postures that lay the foundation for good Jiu-Jitsu and help you understand everything else you learn. 
  • Access to The White-Blue Belt Curriculum - The syllabus for knowing everything a blue belt should, whether for sport, self-defence or both. 
  • Access to the BJJ101 exclusive Members’ Facebook Group - Connect with a community other other like-minded people learning and loving Jiu-Jitsu.
  • Regular video updates with new techniques, concepts, and strategies for sport and self-defence, gi and no gi
  • Get your questions answered - pretty close to having a private Jiu-Jitsu coach, when you are both given a path to follow and can get personal guidance. 
  • Get discounts on online private lessons - members receive discounts on private lessons and other offers. Adding a downsale...
  • And more...
One of the things that makes us successful in Jiu-Jitsu is that we’re working with others to better ourselves. Having that kind of community support off the mats only strengthens and accelerates our progress. 

One of my greatest joys is helping my students progress and I’d love the chance to help you, too. Hear from some of my students below.
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