Frequently Asked Questions

I would start with the Intro to BJJ Course. It's something I want my students to see before they step on the mats. It will help you feel like you know what you're in for when you actually do step on the mats and even give you a leg up on others who just jump into classes.

Absolutely! That's why it was designed. And more, it will help you better understand where what you already know fits into the bigger picture.

Yes - if you have never had the theory and concepts behind Jiu-Jitsu explained. It will give you a new perspective on why what you know works.

It depends. If you already have a good conceptual understanding and want to have reliable systems of escape from each position and equally reliable simple submission gameplans from dominant positions.

Absolutely! Self-defense is the foundation of Jiu-Jitsu and the foundation of the Blue Belt Curriculum.

Absolutely! Not only does it build self-defense skills that work in the real world, it offers a complete set of gameplans for winning on the competition mats, including gi and no gi, takedowns, guard pulls and attacks, heavy top pressure, and aggressive submission attacks which works at the highest levels of comption, but are simple enough for a white belt to implement.

I do work outside of martial arts and knew I wasn't going to be there in person full time, but I wanted to make sure all of my students had an incredibly solid foundation in BJJ to one day get them to black belt, but it had to be designed in a way that I could implement it in a class rotation. It's what I have my teachers teach at my school.

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